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Club match #5 : Trooz, the second one was the good one.

Posté le 26 août 2019

The highest hopes were to expect on this sunny Sunday of early August. The week before we went for a training and carp were definitely keen on biting. Johnny, Méric, Florian and I caught a hundreds of them. A warm coffee later we drew in the club house. At 10 on the dot any of us was ready for the first cast.

Method feeder looked the queen technique but some die-hard cage lovers kept in mind that would be efficient. Carp, F1 and Crucians were to bite quite soon on every bait. For that match, compared to the first one in this same location, the clubhouse-side banks were from far the best.

Florian had the far edge and Alex the clubhouse one. We were spread all over the “street bank” leaving the opposite bank completely free of any other angler for all the day long. Around midday Johnny was the man to beat but Alex and I were very close on his heels. The temperature dropped a bit and the wind was the guest star and created a cross current I’m going to take advantage of.

4 PM, 3 anglers will get the luck to reach 80 Lbs fish or more. Luck will be mine that time unlike the last time here. My bait choice was the best: Frolic, a ring shaped dry dog food.

I will finish on the first step with 145 Lbs, Alex following with 105 Lbs and Johhny 1 step behind with 86 Lbs.

We will weight more than 551 Lbs all together. The sun was collapsing on a tasty and scrumptious spaghetti bolognaise and a couple of drinks.

All the results can be found here

Thank a lot to all of you.


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