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Club match #3 : the Meuse, Lanaye.

Posté le 13 juin 2019

Trainings the week before were perfectly clear: the bream was the target to aim but big roaches were not to be neglected.. News of the day: no goby were to be caught

Sun rays welcomed all of us for the draw

I’m the last to grab a number and gets, once again the upstream peg. Yes, I know: again! But it brought no good luck this year yet. And as Alex said “You still need to fish well”

Luckily the weather was good because the spots are on a bank 20 meters down the embankment. Most of the competitors were feet in the water because the bank just offer too tall grass. It is now 10 and we are ready to compete. Serge’s peg is the most downstream.

Spots were more widely spaced , up to 22 meters between anglers because of the ground’s obstacles and irregularity.

A voice calls me, it’s the voice of Franky Degraeve, inter A who came and watch us fish and spot the location of his next match in september.

He’s going to stay behind me for a while and exchange a lot of information

There is a light flow, sometimes it's completely flat calm and the fishing day can’t be compared the week before. We went from 4 Oz cage feeders to 1 ½ ones. Spots are going from 25 to 60 meters far.

Only some speedboats are going to disturb this calmness until a Dutch patrol boat with 3 policemen on is definitely going to calm thing down

I’ll start the best way for 2 hours catching roaches and breams but it came suddenly to an end. A really big eel I manage to land (and right after release) and a tad later a huge bite are going to take me 10 minutes fight each. Unluckily, I’ll never see the second one that made a n°14 Drennan Carbon Feeder hook wide open, 30 meters downstream.

Other anglers and walkers are talking about huge fish having been caught.

During the last hour my left neighbour Johnny landed some fish I can’t see the size of because of thick and bushy reeds.

The weighing will first take place downstream, the keep net is quite empty, 1 bream and a few pristine roaches. The more we go upstream to weigh, the higher the results. My net is the last to be weighed and displays 19,640 kilos. My followers are Johnny with 16,530 kilos and Alex and his 9,930 kilod.

Complete results are readable here.

That was a great day between lads.

Thanks to the Tom and Co Haccourt shop for the support and Frankie for the chat.

Jean-Marie, chairman.

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