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2019 1st club match - Trooz fishery

Posté le 12 avril 2019

The Trooz fishery hosted our first 2019 club match. Some lads went and trained the week before and their posts seemed to be sadly pessimistic. The water temperature was still low and carp were much fancier snoozing a long way from their usual feeding spots.

The weather conditions have been fine all the day long but some whirling squalls nevertheless made the castings a bit touchy at some times. A quite complete team gathered around a cup of coffee and fishing discussions were flying around in a really light and thoughtlessly ambient.

Trooz fishery


Time now for the draw in a calm but exciting atmosphere. All of us anyway were sure to have gotten the good peg, well, almost all of us :-)

Getting settled was quick and easy, the banks are clean, quite flat and covered with pebbles. We were impatiently awaiting for the start whistle.

A warm fishery stuck in a wonderful valley


The 10 AM radio news triggered the first casts. We were up for a 6 hours battle. Less than quart of an hour later, our secretary had his first bite and landed a 2 Lbs F1. The fishing distance was limited to 20 meters and some anglers decided to prepare nonetheless two areas which by the way looked to be the good decision.


Ready for the fight

As for the previous years head pegs (drawn by Daniel and I) were going to be hard to fish but Daniel’s one was to be much more efficient at the end of the last hour. Central spots occupied by Francis and Alex facing the “pipe” were not more profitable in the morning and carp were obviously still asleep. On the other hand roach were seriously hungry and were pecking at the method feeders groundbait and triggering flash bites. Proving carp were not that active. Johnny filled his second keepnet with plenty of fresh 2 years-old roach. Mercedes went for 3 carp in less than 15 minutes and gave us whispers of hope that big mamma’s were on their way, at last. The biggest one (10 Lbs) was caught by Alex on a closer spot after a 25-minute fight before being landed. He probably set up the right strategy as he unhooked another big one 8 minutes before. They settled and ate around piles of pellets Alex put down all the evening long.


No doubt about the winner but the challengers were in a close range. The prize giving was taking place while tasting a very nice and deserved plate of pasta prepared by the owner Muriel whose we thank so much for her kindness and smile.

Congratulations to Alex and his 10,280 kilos, followed by Francis and Daniel with 7,420 kilos and 6,100 kilos. Mercedes misses as usual the medals as she finishes with a very encouraging 4th place and a weight of 5,810 kilos. You would probably want to see the complete ranking here.

This early encounter was a hard one and was definitely not a normal day in this fishery. We usually see 2 figures keepnets.

Thank you to everyone and specially to Serge who was feeder matching for the first time.


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