Club match #5 : Trooz, the second one was the good one.

The highest hopes were to expect on this sunny Sunday of early August. The week before we went for a training and carp were definitely keen on biting. Johnny, Méric, Florian and I caught a hundreds of them. A warm coffee later we drew in the club house. At 10 on the dot any of us was ready for the first cast.

Method feeder looked the queen technique but some die-hard cage lovers kept in mind that would be efficient. Carp, F1 and Crucians were to bite quite soon on every bait. For that match, compared to the first one in this same location, the clubhouse-side banks were from far the best.

Florian had the far edge and Alex the clubhouse one. We were spread all over the “street bank” leaving the opposite bank completely free of any other angler for all the day long. Around midday Johnny was the man to beat but Alex and I were very close on his heels. The temperature dropped a bit and the wind was the guest star and created a cross current I’m going to take advantage of.

4 PM, 3 anglers will get the luck to reach 80 Lbs fish or more. Luck will be mine that time unlike the last time here. My bait choice was the best: Frolic, a ring shaped dry dog food.

I will finish on the first step with 145 Lbs, Alex following with 105 Lbs and Johhny 1 step behind with 86 Lbs.

We will weight more than 551 Lbs all together. The sun was collapsing on a tasty and scrumptious spaghetti bolognaise and a couple of drinks.

All the results can be found here

Thank a lot to all of you.


Club match #3 : the Meuse, Lanaye.

Trainings the week before were perfectly clear: the bream was the target to aim but big roaches were not to be neglected.. News of the day: no goby were to be caught

Sun rays welcomed all of us for the draw

I’m the last to grab a number and gets, once again the upstream peg. Yes, I know: again! But it brought no good luck this year yet. And as Alex said “You still need to fish well”

Luckily the weather was good because the spots are on a bank 20 meters down the embankment. Most of the competitors were feet in the water because the bank just offer too tall grass. It is now 10 and we are ready to compete. Serge’s peg is the most downstream.

Spots were more widely spaced , up to 22 meters between anglers because of the ground’s obstacles and irregularity.

A voice calls me, it’s the voice of Franky Degraeve, inter A who came and watch us fish and spot the location of his next match in september.

He’s going to stay behind me for a while and exchange a lot of information

There is a light flow, sometimes it's completely flat calm and the fishing day can’t be compared the week before. We went from 4 Oz cage feeders to 1 ½ ones. Spots are going from 25 to 60 meters far.

Only some speedboats are going to disturb this calmness until a Dutch patrol boat with 3 policemen on is definitely going to calm thing down

I’ll start the best way for 2 hours catching roaches and breams but it came suddenly to an end. A really big eel I manage to land (and right after release) and a tad later a huge bite are going to take me 10 minutes fight each. Unluckily, I’ll never see the second one that made a n°14 Drennan Carbon Feeder hook wide open, 30 meters downstream.

Other anglers and walkers are talking about huge fish having been caught.

During the last hour my left neighbour Johnny landed some fish I can’t see the size of because of thick and bushy reeds.

The weighing will first take place downstream, the keep net is quite empty, 1 bream and a few pristine roaches. The more we go upstream to weigh, the higher the results. My net is the last to be weighed and displays 19,640 kilos. My followers are Johnny with 16,530 kilos and Alex and his 9,930 kilod.

Complete results are readable here.

That was a great day between lads.

Thanks to the Tom and Co Haccourt shop for the support and Frankie for the chat.

Jean-Marie, chairman.

Club match #2 : the Meuse, Coronmeuse, Liège.


The week before.

The last weeks trainings could give us everything but hope of hardly liftable keepnets.

Roach and perch were active but in small amount.

Goby were stuffing themselves with any bait: worm, meat, seeds... Hooklengths were clipped dead all the day long probably by very active predators.

5th May, M day.

The weather conditions were the icing on the cake: 4 degrees, heavy rains, powerful north east wind, hail and 30 minutes of sun will make this second match perfectly terrible.

8:30: time for drawing pegs

We had plenty of space so that we could increase the inner distance between anglers.

10:00: start whistle

First roach will head for the our treasurer keepnet meanwhile any one of us will try to tempt big mammas, but goby were in the place and obviously made the decision this was good for them.

Only 1 bream was caught the week before and this was probably the only one having been farting around for a couple of weeks. All distances will be reached up to 70 meters but goby were our first, our last, our everything.

Usually incoming bream clear bleaks off from the groundbait.

Some pegs will get blanks and definitely, several distances tactics had to be set up.

Final whistle: who won was not easy to determine.

As for the first match weighing was going to be decisive.

Results will be spread off between 360 grams and a shred heavier than 1 kilo. Two years ago, more than 600 kilos were caught by 6 anglers at that same place...

Congratulations to Alex and his 1,290 kilo keepnet filled with tiny roach and goby. Francis ends again second thanks to goby and a very nice and pristine perch just 130 grams below Alex.

I’m hardly finishing third, starving for 1,02 kilo.

The good and friendly atmosphere luckily made us a bit warmer.

But the question remains: where are bream and big roach spending their time? Spawning? The temperatures are too low in flow rivers as the Meuse. Cormorants? Obviously not armed to guzzle such size fish…

Special congrats to Meric and Floryan for their first feeder match.

Let’s turn our eyes towards the next on the banks days that surely will make us forget that disappointing second encounter.


Overall scores table here.

For our English friends.

If you ever plan to head for a Belgium spot (pole or feeder) in the Walloon Region, this is the one https://goo.gl/maps/FikYWipnFezPwxd9A

Despite our low scores, this remains a place to be fished.

2019 1st club match - Trooz fishery

The Trooz fishery hosted our first 2019 club match. Some lads went and trained the week before and their posts seemed to be sadly pessimistic. The water temperature was still low and carp were much fancier snoozing a long way from their usual feeding spots.

The weather conditions have been fine all the day long but some whirling squalls nevertheless made the castings a bit touchy at some times. A quite complete team gathered around a cup of coffee and fishing discussions were flying around in a really light and thoughtlessly ambient.

Trooz fishery


Time now for the draw in a calm but exciting atmosphere. All of us anyway were sure to have gotten the good peg, well, almost all of us :-)

Getting settled was quick and easy, the banks are clean, quite flat and covered with pebbles. We were impatiently awaiting for the start whistle.

A warm fishery stuck in a wonderful valley


The 10 AM radio news triggered the first casts. We were up for a 6 hours battle. Less than quart of an hour later, our secretary had his first bite and landed a 2 Lbs F1. The fishing distance was limited to 20 meters and some anglers decided to prepare nonetheless two areas which by the way looked to be the good decision.


Ready for the fight

As for the previous years head pegs (drawn by Daniel and I) were going to be hard to fish but Daniel’s one was to be much more efficient at the end of the last hour. Central spots occupied by Francis and Alex facing the “pipe” were not more profitable in the morning and carp were obviously still asleep. On the other hand roach were seriously hungry and were pecking at the method feeders groundbait and triggering flash bites. Proving carp were not that active. Johnny filled his second keepnet with plenty of fresh 2 years-old roach. Mercedes went for 3 carp in less than 15 minutes and gave us whispers of hope that big mamma’s were on their way, at last. The biggest one (10 Lbs) was caught by Alex on a closer spot after a 25-minute fight before being landed. He probably set up the right strategy as he unhooked another big one 8 minutes before. They settled and ate around piles of pellets Alex put down all the evening long.


No doubt about the winner but the challengers were in a close range. The prize giving was taking place while tasting a very nice and deserved plate of pasta prepared by the owner Muriel whose we thank so much for her kindness and smile.

Congratulations to Alex and his 10,280 kilos, followed by Francis and Daniel with 7,420 kilos and 6,100 kilos. Mercedes misses as usual the medals as she finishes with a very encouraging 4th place and a weight of 5,810 kilos. You would probably want to see the complete ranking here.

This early encounter was a hard one and was definitely not a normal day in this fishery. We usually see 2 figures keepnets.

Thank you to everyone and specially to Serge who was feeder matching for the first time.


To get fishing back on the straight and narrow

Feeder Team LiègeBecause everyone can catch fish fishing must keep being an exciting and dynamic sport. A sport that can attract youngsters as well as more mature people, a sport that must bring back youngsters and grown people.

It is not a grandpas sport it is not an old-fashioned or a square sport, it is a sport requiring concentration, precision, logic, skills and deep thinking.

And the feeder fishing is not different.



Our waterways changed

Feeder Team LiègeNo need to be in denial, Walloon waterways lost their attractiveness and are not plenty of fish as before.

Keepnets full of fat sparkling fresh roach are only memories alongside the public watercourses.

Mean flow canals and rivers are harder and harder to fish with casual tackle. Competitors can boast about catching a lot but they can make of use top range poles, bloodworm and above all hours and days of practice the majority of us can’t afford.

So we need to find something else, something effective but giving quick results and cheap.



Simple, cheap and adaptative.

Feeder Team LiègeFeeder fishing means less tackle, less baits and less groundbait. So it is easier to settle, cheaper to catch fish.

Generally a pint of maggots and 2 Lbs of groundbait are enough for a 6 or 8 hours sessions and a bunch of fish.

Feeder fishing can cope with many fishing circumstances: distance, depth and many species of fish as they probably don’t expect you to put down baits where they are not used to.



But a full technique apart

Feeder is much older than pole fishing. It always existed in the UK and typical British rods give a proof of its impressive success. A solution had to be found to catch fish in rivers and that’s what they did.

It requires precision, finesse, discretion and simplicity This feeder fishing club has one goal: give advice to anglers and teach them the right rigs, the adequate gestures and the sense of adaptation.

The tackle is quite specific to this technique but there is a need of understanding in this wide and sometimes misleading range of products. In one word: we try to be the meeting point between motivated experimented anglers and upcoming convinced feeder fishermen.

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